Athletic Legacy Partners, LLC was established for the purpose of developing and assisting leaders within a very complex and highly visible industry. Executive coaching, leadership development and program assessment as well as personnel transition strategies will be at the core of the services offered. The ability to explore opportunities to work in partnership with other established entities could create like-mined exploration of additional services.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are a first time or experienced Athletics Director, President, Head Coach or rising administrator, executive coaching tailored to your needs is extremely useful not only for meeting new challenges, but also for developing new strategies to address existing hurdles and potential blind spots. Identifying talent and assisting that individual with his or her growth as a leader is at the core of successful organizations.
The best coaches are those who continually adapt to a changing game. They collaborate with peers and focus on creating the best possible outcomes for their teams and student athletes. As administrators and executives, we must also commit to continuous improvement. The best leaders are lifelong learners. The best learners are those who commit the time and resources needed to improve. We must challenge our thought processes, perceptions, biases and beliefs to stay ahead of our changing industry. Athletics Legacy Partners can help you and your staff continually improve. It is important to invest in your own growth as well as those within your organization.

Leadership Development

Organizations must prioritize identifying and investing in our current and future leaders. Part of that investment is centered on how your athletics department is structured, functioning and communicating internally and with campus units in order to anticipate and collaborate on a variety of topics and issues.

Program Assessment and Personnel Transition Strategies

External communication with key stakeholders is an expected and important focus on every campus. At Athletics Legacy Partners, we believe the right people are those who best fit your university. Using our experience of nearly 35 years and our network of athletics executives and coaches, we are prepared to work hand in hand with universities, search firms and conferences to afford new hires with Executive Coaching as they begin their new leadership position.

Key Note Speaking (Regionally and Nationally)

Addressing a full range of topics drawing from 35 years of experience within the rapidly changing landscape of the role athletics plays within the total university structure and forecasting the changes in the athletics landscape of tomorrow.