Coaching With Hart

Coaching With Hart

As I concluded my career in athletics administration, I knew I was not ready to step away from contributing to the success of those who have chosen to make athletics their life’s work. I intend to use my experiences to assist leaders to be prepared for a drastically changing landscape.

This venture is a partnership of likeminded individuals. In a crowded marketplace, the right relationships can open doors and increase value for these partnerships including entities interested in increasing their engagement with college athletics departments or conferences.
As a President or Chancellor, Athletics is certainly not the most important component within the total university structure, but it is the most visible. Whether you’re a first-time campus CEO, transitioning to a new institution, or a well tenured CEO interested in continuing your education and growth, Athletics Legacy Partners will help you prepare for the rigors of athletics oversight as well as the importance of the relationship shared by you and your Athletics Director from both a communication and trust perspective.

Athletics Legacy Partners offers a number of advising and coaching arrangements designed to improve the understanding of intercollegiate athletics as well as the department’s structure and role within the total university structure.

The most challenging and rewarding part of any organization is finding the right people. But who are the right people? At Athletics Legacy Partners, we believe the right people are those who best fit your university and help drive success while positively impacting the department’s culture. We are prepared to assist and work hand in hand with search firms to afford new hires with Executive Coaching.

Pearls of Wisdom

“We are the legacy we leave behind.”

“Listening is the unicorn of communication.” -Dave Hart

“When everyone thinks alike, no one is thinking.” -John Wooden

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” -Harvey S. Firestone (1868-1938) American Businessman

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

These Pearls of Wisdom, along with many others, will be incorporated in presentations pertaining directly to executive coaching, leadership development and key note speaking topics.