“Look closely at yourself through eyes which have been in your leadership chair”

“If your actions inspire others to DREAM more, LEARN more, DO more and BECOME more, you are a LEADER”

-John Quincy Adams

“Feed the people around you today with encouragement, recognition, security and hope”

-John Maxwell

“There is no greater bond than that of trust”

-Dave Hart

Creating a Lasting Legacy of Leadership

Our mission is to identify and develop talent to lead college athletics departments and prioritize proper alignment with campus leadership as the profession becomes more challenging and complex for all concerned. We accomplish this, primarily, through two core services:

Executive Coaching
Leadership Development
Program Assessment & Personnel Transition Strategies

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Dave Hart

When people from within the athletics industry, including athletics administrators, coaches, television executives, NCAA staff, conference commissioners and post season football bowl directors, are asked to describe Dave Hart in one word, there is commonality in their responses. The words that are most used to best embody his sphere of influence nationally during his decorated career of nearly 35 years in college athletics administration are: Leader, Class, Respect, Visionary, Core Values and Presence.

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